Calabrian Chilis - Spicy Italian Peppers

The Calabrian chili is a versatile Italian pepper with a rich red color, fruity flavor and a nice level of heat for spicy food lovers.

Calabrian Chilies
Calabrian Chilies

Calabrian chilies are a type of pepper that is often used in Italian cooking. The Calabrian pepper has a unique combination of fruity, spicy, and salty flavours that linger on the palate. Because of its flexibility as an ingredient, it's a very useful pepper.

Calabrian peppers have a rusty, dark red colour and grow on overhanging vines. They're left to hang until they're fully grown, then aged to give them a fruitier, tangier flavour and a stronger spiciness. They're small and formed like a traditional chilli, with a conical, elongated body that grows from the plant's stalk. The skin of the Calabrian Chili gets wrinkled and crispy when dried.

Calabrian chilies have a spice level that ranges from 25,000 to 40,000 Scoville Heat Units on the Scoville Scale, making them a medium heat compared to other chilies, which is why they are frequently eaten on their own. They have a delicious and refreshing flavour that goes well with almost any meal or dish.

Calabrian Chilies
Calabrian Chilies

The Calabrian Chili provides a beautiful red colour when mixed and cooked with other ingredients to make sauces and curries, as well as a fantastic, fruity perfume that enhances the flavour of the dish. The chilies themselves have a fruity, smokey flavour that fills your tongue with a pleasant warmth that complements your meal's characteristics. Calabrian peppers are ideal for layering sauces and condiments because of this property.

In traditional Italian cooking, the Calabrian Chili is a must-have ingredient. To enhance flavour and spice, it's used in a variety of pizzas, pasta sauces, and pasta dishes. It's also a tasty addition to simple items like sandwiches and salads to offer some variety to the flavour profile.

It's commonly used in morning dishes like as omelettes and frittatas, and it also goes well with cheese and chocolate for light snacking. Calabrian Chili is a common item on the ingredients list of most condiment jars in Calabria and the surrounding regions.

Other times, the peppers are combined with sauces or infused into olive oil for concentrated sides and adds to a variety of foods. To balance off the heat and maximise the flavour, they are usually blended with oils and vinegar.

If you have some dried Calabrian Chilis on hand that you can ground into flakes, you can make this yourself.

Overall, the Calabrian pepper has a flavour that is adaptable. The flavour of the pepper lingers long after the heat has dissipated, making it an excellent compliment to a wide range of meals and cuisines.

Nduja, a wonderful spreadable Italian salami meat paste, is made using it.

Don't be scared to experiment with this chilli in your cooking style; you might just come up with an entirely unique and tasty combination.

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