Nước chấm Sauce

Try this sweet & tangy classic Vietnamese dipping sauce known as Nước chấm. Made with fish sauce, fresh lime juice, garlic & sugar. A delicious spring roll dipping sauce or vermicelli sauce!

Nước chấm Dipping Sauce
Nước chấm Dipping Sauce

Try Nước chấm, a sweet and tangy traditional Vietnamese dipping sauce. Fish sauce, fresh lime juice, garlic, and sugar are used to make this dish. A delectable vermicelli or spring roll dipping sauce!

This Vietnamese dipping sauce is incredibly flavorful and tasty! It's salty with a lot of umami taste from the fish sauce, acidic from the fresh lime juice, and sweet just so.

This fish sauce vinaigrette with shredded carrots, also known as Nước chấm, is frequently used in Vietnam as a spring roll or summer roll dipping sauce or a vermicelli noodle sauce.

This sauce is very popular and useful because:

  • It's a light, fat-free sauce that won't make you feel bloated.
  • There's a lot of taste here: acidic, bright, sweet, spicy and salty.
  • It's quite adaptable, as it can be used to dip fresh or fried spring rolls, wontons, vermicelli bowls, and more!
  • Use this marinade to marinate pork, chicken, beef, or shellfish by adding chopped lemongrass!
  • Add this fish sauce vinaigrette to any Asian-style salad as a dressing.


Ingredients in Nước chấm Sauce
Ingredients in Nước chấm Sauce
  • Fish sauce - I recommend using a brand name fish sauce. It's not overly salty and has great flavor.
  • Chilis - use any kind of red chilis. Thai chilis are great if you want it extra spicy.
  • Vinegar - use a bright vinegar such as rice wine vinegar.
  • Lime - fresh squeezed juice is best.
  • Chili garlic sauce - (optional) if you want the sauce extra spicy.
  • Carrots - Add this in right before serving, so the carrots stay crunchy.

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