Salmon Curing Spice Blend

Salmon is cured this way by adding a dry or wet cure that draws out the liquid from the fish as well as adding flavor

Salmon Curing Spice Blend

Salmon that has been spice blend cured is a cross between lox and gravlax. After curing in salty-sweet brine or dry rub, the fish is sometimes eaten on rye toast paired with potatoes.

I prefer the dry rub method. The procedure involves coating the salmon filet with the dry rub spice blend on both sides. The salmon is placed in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 days.

Is there a difference between salmon lox, smoked salmon, gravlax, and cured salmon?

Lox is made by curing the belly (fatty) part of the salmon in a combination of salt & sugar, which draw out moisture and preserve it. The lox is cured for long periods of time, sometimes up to 3 months, which makes it saltier than other types of salmon. It is served thinly sliced, often atop a bagel schmear'd with cream cheese, with capers and onions.

Gravlax is made by curing a whole salmon fillet in a dry rub of salt, sugar, dill, and possibly other spices. The dill and the spices differentiates gravlax from lox and gives it an additional layer of flavor. Gravlax is not as salty as lox as it doesn’t need to be cured as long and is often served whole, with a side of mustard sauce and dill.

Cured salmon is salmon that is cured in a dry rub made with salt, sugar, and spices. It is neither smoked nor cooked. If you mix a smoke powder spice in with the spices, then the salmon is tastes the same or better than your store bought smoked salmon for a fraction of the cost!

Smoked Salmon is usually salmon that is cured with salt (and sometimes sugar), then cold smoked using indirect smoke, where the heat is not applied. Therefore the salmon keeps its texture in the process but absorbs the smoky flavor.

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